Transitioning from relaxer for 12 months...

    Transitioning from relaxer for 12 months...

    Transitioned for 12 months! She’s finally natural! She booked an appointment for a flexi set but texted me to say she’s tired of the straight hair and ready to let go. Her only request was that she left with curls and not a round fro like the lady from Lamb Chop 😂😂. In the end of the cut she felt relieved and free and happy that she cut her hair off when SHE was ready! I’m so proud of her!

    The road was a long one tho. She’s made relaxer retouch appointments on my styleseat that I went right behind her and cancelled 😂. Sometimes people resort to what they are use to. Not because they like it but because it’s familiar. Some people need help thru the process and that’s where I come in. I know things get hard but you have to keep going! In the end it will be worth it, just to see something thru!

    Not everyone can big chop right away and that’s ok. Not everyone wants to transition and that’s ok too! Do it YOUR way because YOU are the one that has to face the person in the mirror. No one else.

    Another one in the books ✔️

    Of course I used my own products to define her curls! Clients hair was 100% dry on the right! Creme de la curls and mango butter curling jellie. This combination is best for dense, tightly curled/coiled hair. Can be used on less dense loosely curled hair but need very little product! Purchase here

    If your fro looks like the left but you want it to look like the right and you are in  Houston, TX click here to book an appointment.


     transitioning from relaxer for 12 months.