5 signs that you may need a detox treatment for your natural hair

    5 signs that you may need a detox treatment for your natural hair

    As a natural hair stylist and an open book on social media I tend to get this question a lot: "How do I know if I need a detox treatment?"


    Let's talk about what a detox treatment is briefly and then we can address the signs. A detox treatment for the hair is the removal of product build up, bodily fluids (sweat, oil secretion, etc.) and environmental elements from the hair. A detox treatment for the hair is very similar to what we do for our bodies. When we know we have been eating unhealthy things for a certain amount of time we detox to get rid of those bad things that just sit in our body and make us sluggish! Same as with hair!


    The fives signs are:


    1. If you have been wearing protective styles consistently for months to years. Yes, of course, you have removed the protective styles but you have removed them to get them right back a few days later. Over those months of not constantly removing body fluids, environmental elements, products, etc. those things sit on the hair and start to build layers upon layers. Until removed.

    2. If products that use to work well on your hair no longer helps. This is a sign of buildup. 

    3. If there is a lingering smell in your hair that you just cannot seem to get rid of.

    4. If, even when you cleanse, your hair still feels as if there is something in it. Like a film on the hair.

    5. Your hair simply does not look and act the same.


    Of course, these 5 signs are not the only five signs but they are the top ones that can be easily detected. 


    This client (pictured) has worn protective styles for over a year. Her hair would not curl and was unresponsive to products. In the first picture you can see sort of a thin white film on the hair that makes the hair appear very dull. The hair would only present itself as a mass, as in no curls were in sight.

    After. The client no longer has the white film. The hair has it's natural sheen back and curls are apparent!



    curls after receiving a detox treatment

    If you are in the Houston and surrounding areas and your hair is showing some or all of these signs book a curl detox treatment here


    Products used to help the curls were Creme de la curls moisturizer and Mango Butter Curling jellie.