Struggling to wear my natural hair

    “Struggling to wear my natural hair”

    I meet a lot of new clients. Most, if not all, are struggling with their hair journey. Some of the clients stand out, for sure. This client is one. I connected with her from the beginning. She reminds me a lot of my sister Jess. I felt like her big sister (the really cool and hip one of course 😎) in an interesting way lol. ➿

    I met this young lady a few weeks ago. The first week she paid just to talk to me and came armed with questions. She was struggling to accept wearing her hair in its natural state because of all of the “your hair is not the natural type of hair.” “You don’t have the kind of hair that can be worn curly.” And allll of the other negative seeds that people had planted in her head about her hair over the years. So she wore weaves, braids and other protective styles. BUT now she’s ready to wear her hair! ➿

    When she came last week (the week 1 pic) she was super nervous and quiet, definitely not the same young lady that I met the week prior. She was so nervous and scared of the unknown. She got her hair shaped and a wash and go and I sent her out into the world with her curls. I instantly thought “she gon’ cry in the car” because she was still very quiet. A few days later I saw her name pop up on my schedule for the same service and I instantly thought “ YES! I’m so proud of her!” This week she walked in and her confidence was there, her head held high and most importantly her hair was still out! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    We have a while to go with her journey but we are already making progress! I can’t wait to see where we can take these curls! See her before in my story.

    I know social media will have you believing that most women are happily natural but we must remember there are still some (read: LOTS) that need our help! Offer that girl words of encouragement, not judgement. Trust me when I say she’s doubting herself enough and don’t need help! Keep your negative thoughts to yourself if you don’t like someone’s hair. No one cares that you don’t like her edges not being laid or if you don’t think she has that “natural kinda hair.” 🙄Finally, and more importantly, if you are her, you are not alone! Your hair is beautiful and is magical! 💕


    Wash and go on 4c hairWash and go on 4c hair


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