Benefits of steaming of steaming your natural hair

    đź’¦Benefits of steaming of steaming your natural hairđź’¦

    If you have been following anyones natural hair journey you probably have heard them mention hair steaming. Well here is my professional opinion on steaming: 

    Start doing it ASAP.

    I must say, when I speak of hair steaming and its benefits, I am talking about the hooded steamer only.  

    Steaming treatment can be added on to intensify your deep conditioning!

    Steaming is for you if:

    • You regularly use heat on your hair
    • Feel like your hair has lost its luster
    • Your hair feels and look dry
    • Had a color treatment
    • Want to promote hair growth
    • want more defined curls

    I am sure at least on of those sounds like you.

    If you regularly use heat:

    Steaming acts as the best "heat protectant" and that's because when using heat on your hair the heat zaps the moisture. Did you know that when a person gets heat damage it is because of lack of moisture to that curl which makes the curl fall flat? With steaming you get the best amount of moisture added to the curl which can help you avoid heat damaging your hair. Of course, when heat is used properly.


    Feel like your hair has lost its luster and look and feel dry:

    If your hair has lost its umph it could be because it is dehydrated. Just think of how you feel after a hot day and then drinking a big bottle of water. Steam is like a big bottle of pH balanced water for your hair!

    Had a color treatment:

    Whether you have darkened or lightened your hair you could benefit from a steam treatment. Darkening your hair adds layers which closes the cuticles (hello low porosity). Steaming opens your cuticles to allow product saturation. If you have lightened your hair, cuticle layers have been removed from your hair (hello high porosity) causing too much product saturation. Steaming helps to tightening the cuticles to allow better product absorption.


     Want to promote hair growth:

    This one is important. If you struggle with growth it could be because of improper blood circulation to the scalp. The reason I am a fan of hooded steamers only is because the hood allows concentration and even steam circulation directly on the scalp.

    Want more defined curls:

    This one is simple but is overlooked the most. Simply put hydrated curls live their best lives! Water plus a great deep conditioning is a curls dream! The steam opens (or tightens) the cuticle of the hair for optimal product penetration.

    These photos are examples of how your curls can benefit from steaming.

    Week 1 

    Her curls were resistant to curling. It took a lot of product and manipulation to achieve these curls.

    curls after 1 week of streaming of steaming her natural hair


    Week 2

    Curls were still resistant to curling but felt softer and easier to detangle.

    curls after 2 week of streaming of steaming her natural hair


    Week 3

    Curls were easier to work with. Seems more moisturized. Less product is needed and curls are not as resistant.

    curls after 3 week of streaming of steaming her natural hair


    Week 4

    Such an amazing difference! Curls are super moisturized and noticeably defined! Curls were more cooperative! Noticeably more shrunken as well!

    curls after 4 week of streaming of steaming her natural hair

    Let me know about your steaming progress in the comments below! Or feel free to ask questions if I have left something out that you want to know about!



    Products used for her wash and go are Creme de la curls and Mango Butter Curling Jellie. Can be purchased here