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    How to do a flexi rod set on natural hair

    Happy Memorial Day! Heres a quick video tutorial of a flexi rod set on natural hair!  

    Here are the steps that I use.

    1. Get the hair supplies you need. 

    I used large butterfly clips to section the hair. A spray bottle with water to rewet the hair when needed. I added cream de la curls to the water in the spray bottle. I set the hair using Macadamia oil styling foam to achieve shiny bouncy curls! I selected blue rods because the client has fairly long har and she did not want her curls too tight or loose. 

    2. Section the hair off in five sections. Use more or less section depending on the density of the hair.

    3. Spray first section with water and moisturizer combo.

    4. Apply foam to section.

    5. Take smaller subsections and set hair.

    6. Repeat until all sections are completed.

    7. Dry hair.

    8. Remove rods.

    9. Separate the curls using a hair butter. 

    10. Style!

    11. Slay!